Great Barrier Riff

by Sea Bastard

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Recorded live at 284 studios, Brighton on 19/10/2011


released July 10, 2013

Songs by Sea Bastard
Lyrics by Monty
Art by Oli



all rights reserved


Sea Bastard Brighton, UK

Sea Bastard are a doom band from Brighton, UK.

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Track Name: Aqua Vitae
Hello to you my old friend
Can you help me? I am lost
I need you to show me the way
And I don't care the cost
Imbue me with your strength
That soothing warmth from deep inside
Just let me lose myself
Sit back, enjoy the ride

When life's too much
You're always there
Help me forget
Those things that I just cannot bear
You free me from
My self-forged chains
And let me feel
That I am human again

Hello again my old friend
It hasn't been too long
Was with you just last night but
Still my need for you is strong
You're always there for me when
I'm feeling down
And when I am with you
You'll never see me frown

Need to escape
You'll always help
Me to forget
My wretched self
You take control
Make a man of me
But do you really
Set me free?

Guzzle down the water of life
Free myself from daily strife
Forget the things I cannot change
No thought to tomorrow's pain

Raging on throughout the night
Continuing through morning's light
When I stop, I don't recall
The things that I have done at all
Track Name: Taedium
The same
With no names
Same place
Same town
Same thoughts
Same frown

Same shit
No change
Nothing new
Nothing strange
So tired
Of this
World of shit

Seeping through the edges
The poison takes a hold
Despair and paranoia
Begin to take control
No hope for the future
I'm dwelling in the past
How does melancholy
Always creep up so fast?

Can't pretend it's all OK
Can't do it any more
I try to forget but I
Can't help keeping score
Always I'm the loser
Rejected like a freak
Always thinking too much
Never knowing what I seek

I must break free
From this mentality
Death of all thought
Not what I sought

Consuming me
Nothing is left
Forlorn, bereft
Track Name: Green Tide
Always marching on
Never time for sleep
No time for wounds to heal
As the sores begin to weep
There's no safety here
Nowhere for us to hide
Soon they will catch up with us
Swept away on the green tide

We fought them for our homes
That they might not burn to the ground
We fought them for our wives
That they might not be stripped and bound
We fought them for our children
That they might not be cooked and eaten
We fought them for our lands my friends
But hard though we tried, we were beaten

Weapons, we had many
They did us little good
Axes, swords and spears
Not one of us understood
They are not like men
They care not for their lives
To fight is all, demise nothing
When the green blood flows deep inside

In the heart of the wood we made our camp
Under the shade of the sacred tree
Surely the gods would ensure our safety?
It all seemed so clear to me
They fell upon us as we slept
Most too tired to even fight
Trusting in the old faith
To keep us safe through the night

The strong they slaughtered first
Decapitated where they stood
By axes of the blackest iron
Their blood despoiling the sacred wood
Arrows tipped with barbs
Fall like rain from the sky
As I watch my kinsmen slaughtered
I know this is my time to die

Hiding deep in a pile of corpses
Out from under the carrion i crawl
All are dead, my clan, my kinfolk
Mutilated one and all
Bellies are split open
With entrails flowing out
Heads are all smashed in
Brains are gone down an orkish snout

Warriors' manhoods taken
Women's loins are rent
Save of course for the fairest
Now chained in the chieftain's tent
On this day I swear
By the souls of the departed
I will make the greenskins rue
The day their brutal campaign started