Sea Bastard

by Sea Bastard

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I am waiting here under this bridge for you The only crossing for many leagues Try your luck elsewhere at your peril No matter how dire your need You must cross to reach the northlands 'pon your flesh, I shall feed Many a traveller I've waylaid here All of them I've gobbled up I let nothing go to waste Their helms my cup, their bones my stock Yet they never slake my hunger There's not a creature large enough! Once in my youth I succumbed to folly At the hands of billygoats, three With promises of larger prey to come I was distracted and the eldest bested me He tossed his mighty horns and I fell into the water Drifting downstream towards the sea Dreaming of my bridge, my hunting ground I came to upon the shore A few fishermen to calm my hunger But they left me wanting more So I started back upstream towards my bridge And my cave, my precious meat store Here are men with swords and armour Come to slay me in my cave Oh, those poor deluded fools Such trinkets will not keep them safe At first, brave, they come right for me Until I've eaten two or three Then, like all who came before them Drop their weapons, turn and flee I chase, they run Pusuit runs on The night grows old Dawn breaks, so cold Sun burns my skin Blood clots within My flesh sets hard I explode into shards
Down the Nile On ships of living wood The wizards came As prophesied they should The pyramids' occult formations called By wizardly hands Pharaoh must surely fall The guttering glow Of blue electric light Its arcing power Illuminates the night Subtlety Is not the wizard's tool Pharoah sees them come For he is no fool Ramesses Gathered his serpent guard Strike fast, he said And hit those Wizards hard Their leader rides An eagle burning white Strike his mount's heart Deprive them of his might The wizards strike Lightning falls like rain Necromancy Draws mummies from their graves Serpents fall Their flesh rent and charred Ramesses laughs As the wizards begin to chant The rite completed The wizards soar on high Ramesses, he kneels And summons down Ra's might Wizards ignite Touched by hands of the sun Flying infernos Incinerated, every one The wizardly host Reduced to soot and ash Such a mighty army Defeated by a single flash Man may know power But it is as nought In contest with the gods' And all that they have wrought
There is a land within my mind I fear to tread The things living there fill my heart with dread Dark powers lurking, trying to take control Each night I must do battle for my living soul The four try to tempt me with their evil ways Promising me power until the end of my days But the price that they ask is much too high for me I will not serve them, not now, nor for eternity The temptress offers pleasures beyond imagining A joy in the sensations of every little thing She'll teach a man to love the pain of every single cut Suffered in the many battles of her eternal rutt The lord of change brings knowledge beyond the realm of man The chance to be a pawn in his infernal plan Decieving all opposed to him he'll make them play their role He also tricks his servants, so easy when they're already in his control Next there comes the plague lord of rot and entropy Offering his power through eternal decay To be forever rotting, spreading the disease Crusade to consume everything, his hunger will not be appeased And last the lord of death, upon his throne of skulls His thirst for blood leads to countless callous culls A life of endless battle with the strength and hate to win Slaughtering all who stand, their blood a sacrifice to him One thing preserves me, shows me the way A golden beacon, there through all my days Sometimes its light grows dim, obscured by a monstrous storm But always it returns, filling me with its divine warmth It's him on Earth, keeping out his watchful eye Saving the souls of all who serve him when they die Only the faithful will stand by his side To fight the final battle at the end of time Oh, my glorious Emperor, I owe my mind to thee Without your strength soulbound within, the daemons would surely overwhelm me As payment for my salvation, my lifetime I shall serve Communicating 'cross the void for the glory of Him on Earth
Out Beyond the stars 'tween galaxies The voids so far There was he born Thence cast to Earth An empty sphere Of little worth Then we grew Spread 'cross the land And for our future He formed a plan That we Should be enchained He our lord And we his slaves As we prospered He grew weak Confined Out in the deep Barely alive For lack of food Just waiting for His chance to rule Half deaf half blind The depths his home He went insane Left all alone But then one day He felt a surge A strange new power Enough for him to emerge In the crushing depths He begins to stir Roused from ancient dormancy No longer is he interred Bursting forth from the depths Suffused with energy Heat and radiation from Nuclear detonations undersea Awakened from his deathly trance His lust for power is renewed Wreaking total devastation Human tragedy must ensue The power of the atom Has doomed man to this fate The bastard has awakened It's already too late Charged with atomic energy He cannot be stopped Humanity and planet earth For us now all hope is lost Rise Sea Bastard Bow before the Bastard Rise Sea Bastard Kneel before your master Rise Sea Bastard Bow before the Bastard Rise Sea Bastard Kneel before your master Rise Sea Bastard Bow before the Bastard Rise Sea Bastard Kneel before your master
Adrift in a sea of unreality Predatory creatures are circling Although their nature is unclear to me They mean to devour me I'm certain An unnatural mist swallowing me Ominous shapes are looming Have my pursuers finally closed on me? No, thank god, just a ruin I know I'll meet my end In this godforsaken place How did I get here? From elsewhere in time and space Transported by some means Far beyond my ken What's this ahead, a portal? Will it take me home again? I am cursed to walk these lands Strange and terrible Malevolent observers Watch my every move Waiting for that one mistake That will mean my end Souls released from fleshy prisons Easy prey for such as them Each land a different shade Another sickly light Each shrouded in mystery A thousand ghoulish sights Ruined civilisations Behemoth carcasses But always ruination What power could wreak such as this? I see a glimmer of light through the hellish haze I run towards it in hopes it is the ultimate gate I'm so tired of running with nary a chance to rest In a constant state of terror, my heart pounds against my breast Please be the final hurdle, the journey at an end Please lead me to familiar lands, please take me home again Falling through space and drifting in time, my senses overloaded As I emerge I am unaware, my sense of self has been eroded As I recall quite what I am, awareness is returning slowly My body lies on a precipice, a pit of seething horrors below me I try to move Limbs slow responding My weight shifts Suddenly descending Falling into The maw of the old one Body and soul consumed All trace of me gone


This is the digital download release of Sea Bastard. There will be physical versions available soon, both a CD release and a double gatefold vinyl.

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released October 31, 2012

Guitars - Oliver Heart
Bass - Steve Patton
Drums - George Leaver
Vocals - Ian Montgomery


all rights reserved



Sea Bastard Brighton, UK

Sea Bastard are a doom band from Brighton, UK.

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